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Candles on Bay Street TV film premiered on CBS November 26, 2006

Hallmark Hall of Fame Productions presents the TV film based on Cathie's novel CANDLES ON BAY STREET (under the pseudonym of K. C. McKinnon.). Filming took place in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. Alicia Silverstone stars, along with Eion Bailey, Polly Bergen and James Rebhorn. The Director is John Erman.

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Dear Burning Questions,

I see from browsing your Burning Questions that Candles on Bay Street has been made into a movie. I've been able to find out that the movie has wrapped, but not the release date. Any chance you can enlighten us as to when that movie will be released so we can keep our eyes open?

Trudi Inglis
Mader's Cove, Nova Scotia

What a long strange trip it's been for the movie adaptation of Candles on Bay Street, written by Cathie Pelletier under the pen name K.C. McKinnon. Pelletier told BQ way back in 1998 that she'd sold a movie option for the novel to ABC, but the project languished. As it turned out, Pelletier tells us, "a producer who knew and loved the book just never forgot about it." Hallmark finally greenlighted the film earlier this year, and it will air November 26 as a Hallmark Hall of Fame production on CBS.

Directed by John Erman, who made TV movies of Ellen Foster and Breathing Lessons, the Hallmark film was shot on location in Nova Scotia. The movie stars Alicia Silverstone, along with Polly Bergen, Eion Bailey of "ER" and Annabeth Gish of "The West Wing."

Pelletier, who divides her time between homes in Quebec and Maine, has even more exciting news to share on the movie front. She's writing the screenplay for another of her novels, The Funeral Makers, which will be the next film by prominent director Doug Liman (his previous films include Mr. and Mrs. Smith and The Bourne Identity). In addition, Pelletier is working on what she thinks will be her final Mattagash novel.

For those of you who write to us, asking when Dancing at the Harvest Moon will be rerun on TV, one of our readers made the perfect suggestion. You can go to Lifetime Movies and sign up for their "Remind Me" list. They'll let you know via email when it runs again.
Follow this link for the LMN movie database.

The Funeral Makers

THE FUNERAL MAKERS, with Cathie's screenplay, will film in the Hudson Valley
of New York state, directed by Doug Liman.
More details to come as we have them.

Running the Bulls wins 2006 Paterson Prize!

Cathie's new novel, Running the Bulls, has just been awarded the 2006 Paterson Prize for Fiction. Other finalists in the competition were: James Salter, William Boyd, Judy Budnitz, Anthony Varallo, Edith Pearlman and Frederick Busch. Last year's co-winners were
John Updike and Philip Roth.

You can order the novel from the publisher:
University Press of New England
(Remember, CLOTH means HARDBACK, not Paperback!)

Or use your favorite online site, such as or Barnes and Noble

Or call your local bookstore. They may still have it in stock or can order it.

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