Publisher Information

As Cathie Pelletier:

The Funeral Makers, 1986, Macmillan Publishing Company of New York; l987, Viking Penguin (London, England); 1989, German edition, Franz Schneekluth Verlag, Munich, Germany. Paperback, Collier Books, 1987; reissued Scribner, 1997

Once Upon A Time On the Banks, 1989, Viking, New York; 1990, Century Hutchinson of London, England. Paperback, 1991, Washington Square Press.

The Weight of Winter,1991, Viking Penguin, New York. Paperback, 1993, Washington Square Press.

The Bubble Reputation,1993, Crown Publishers, New York. Paperback Washington Square Press, 1994.

A Marriage Made at Woodstock, 1994, Crown Publishers. Paperback 1995 by Washington Square Press.

Beaming Sonny Home, 1996, Crown Publishers. Paperback Washington Square Press, 1997.

Running the Bulls, 2005, University Press of New England.

Widow's Walk, poetry, 1976, Fiddlehead Poetry Books, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, Canada. Individual publications of poems from this collection include The Kansas Quarterly, The Fiddlehead, Hard Pressed, etc.

A Country Music Christmas, Editor, 1997, Crown Publishers, New York, 1997.

The Christmas Note, illustrated children's book written by Cathie Pelletier and Grand Ole Opry star Skeeter Davis, published by Nashville Books, October, 1997.

As K. C. McKinnon:

Dancing at the Harvest Moon, as K. C. McKinnon,1997, Doubleday, NY. Now in 18 languages. (See covers for countries.) Bantam paperback in USA.

Candles on Bay Street, as K. C. McKinnon, 1998, Doubleday, NY. Now in 10 languages, and optioned for feature film. Bantam paperback in USA.

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